In order for Wally's Woods to properly operate we are highly dependent on our Shareholder / Member dues, usage fees and donations.


Please Note:  Wally's Woods, Inc. is privately

owned property and Membership is limited to the descendants of Walter Diener and not to the general public.

Wally's Woods, Inc.

Shareholder & Member Dues

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Annual Shareholder Dues




Annual Membership Dues





Note:  Please review the annual invoice which is mailed out every March to all Shareholders and Members.  This invoice provides each Shareholder and Member with a detailed breakdown of money owed for the current year as well as money owed for any previous year's unpaid dues.  Please contact us at (or by clicking here) if you have any questions.


* Dues can be more if Shareholder or Member is not in 'Good Standing' with Wally's Woods, Inc.



Wally's Woods, Inc.

Usage Fees Invoice

Usage fees apply to all Shareholders, Members, Visitors, and Guests of Wally’s Woods, Inc.  We appreciate your timely submission of the following fees prior to or shortly after your visit.  Together we can all preserve this wonderful gift.  For more information and details, consult the Rules and Regulations available on our Facebook page, through other family representatives, or by clicking here.


Fee Descriptions


Usage Fees:

Camping ($20/night), new cabin ($20/night), old cabin ($35/night), any overnight usage -- Maximum $125.


Day Usage Fees:
Annual Unlimited Day Use-per member (spouse and children under 18 included) - $50
Member and Shareholder Day Use - per member and shareholder (spouse and children under 18 included) $5.


Daily Guest Fee:

Per day, per guest (limit 3, family up to 6) $5.

Unlimited User Membership:

Person using the property actively.  Must be 18 years of age and parent/shareholders must be in good standing.  Fee also requested as additional money from shareholders using property heavily/actively.


Seasonal Camp Fees:

Reserved campsite/RV site with electric hook up to be used May through November



Cabin Overnight *premium*:

Surcharge for cabin use, in addition to the $20/night usage fee.  No maximum.



*Reminder  Annual Dues for shareholders, $200.  Annual Dues for Members $100.  Due March each year.







Wally's Woods, Inc.

Payment Options

(Dues, Fees, or Donations)

Pay by Check:


If you choose to pay by check please make checks payable to Wally's Woods, Inc.


-Please mail the invoce to the treasurer's address which will be listed on your mailed invoice.  If you need the address, Please contact us at (or by clicking here) and we will provide you with the address.


-Please include the following information below with your payment, and CLEARLY INDICATE what money submitted is to cover:


NAME:    _____________________________________________________________

From and to Dates of Stay (If paying for Usage Fee):   ________________________

PHONE:   _____________________________________________________________

EMAIL:  ______________________________________________________________


-Please include any and all updates of contact information with your payment!

Thank You For Your Payment or Donation!

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Additional Fees apply, please add fee to your total:

$   0 - $ 99..................NO Fee

$100 - $200.................$ 5

$201 - $400.................$10

$401 - $700.................$15

Any Amt over $701.......$25